Data Centre

Located at C&M’s head office in Morley Western Australia, the Tier 2+ data centre occupies 140m2  of floor space, with a capacity to house 56 racks.  The facility is constructed using 2 hour fire resistant concrete Besser blocks and is a building within the building

Power  All racks are fitted with dual PDU’s with A & B feeds. The data centre is supported by UPS which enables a seamless transition to generator power, should an interruption to the  power utilities occur.

Monitoring  Racks are fitted with temperature sensors, humidity and leak detectors which  report any anomalies. All data centre components connect to the “Infrastruxure” software which alerts support staff of any failures.

Cooling C&M’s Data Centre is green and efficient. This is achieved through the use of in-row cooling and hot aisle containment. The chiller plant consists of Uniflair chillers in N+1  configuration, which deliver chilled water to the in-row coolers, maintaining a stable temperature through variable speed fans.

Fire Protection The VESDA (very early smoke detection  apparatus), smoke detectors and Fike  ProInert IG-55 gas suppression system will detect, control and eliminate a fire, should one  originate within the Data Centre.

Security  “Touch-in” smart card system tracks access into the data centre.  Racks are individually secured. CCTV systems record activity in and around the Data Centre.

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