We’re refreshing our brand identity!

We’re refreshing our brand identity


Smart organisations constantly think about how they engage with their clients, staff and vendors. As we approach 20 years of existence, we have reflected and realised we have evolved and grown. We recognise the need to refresh and realign the external and internal perception of our brand.

If you have been watching the Perth Wildcats you may have already caught a sneak peek of our refreshed brand in the courtside signage. We’ve altered our colours and simplified our name. Our design goal was to produce an identity that better reflects our values and the clients we serve. It is built on the principle of steadfast reliability, and the peace of mind our clients gain knowing their data, and subsequently their business performance, is secure and protected.

20171007_191329_resizeAs we continue to roll out, you will see more of our refreshed brand on LinkedIn, Facebook and our web site. You will notice we’ve consolidated “CM Technology Group” to “CMTG”. It is how we have come to refer to ourselves and after all IT people love acronyms!

We hope you like this new look and feel for “CMTG”, and that it promotes confidence in our continued ability to provide modern, secure and reliable systems.

PS. If you’re still seeing our old logo, please clear your web browser cache.