CM Technology group can assist with all of your Microsoft software requirements, from OEM versions to volume licensing. As we are Microsoft SPLA (Subscription Provider License Agreement) license providers for our hosted platform, we can license your hosted virtual machines for as many users as you require. Should you reduce your employee compliment, you wont be stuck with licenses you have purchased outright.

VMware is often the software of choice to virtualise machines across multiple hosts. As Enterprise VMware partners, we can help you determine which licensing class best suits your requirements, and implement this on your systems if desired.

Citrix is ideal for delivering applications to devices that cannot run the software natively. Deliver a desktop to a thin client, or publish an application to multiple users without having to move from desktopĀ  to desktop to install the program locally. As silver Citrix partners we can recommend, procure and implement a Citrix solution for your business.