Managed Services

Managed ServicesEver heard prevention is better than a cure?

CM Technology Group’s managed services, provide regular maintenance for your I.T infrastructure ensuring that it runs at it’s best. With a managed service, we proactively monitor your systems for a fixed monthly fee.

Proactive monitoring enables CM Tech support to detect system errors before they cause a disruption to your business. Potential hardware failures, low disk space, low memory or high CPU utilisation are just some of the conditions a managed service can detect.

This enables our support team to work with you to plan ahead and discuss strategies to ensure your business has no interruptions. We also ensure that your I.T. system is not left exposed to potential malicious attacks. Detection of unusual network activity is just one of the ways we achieve this.

Contact us to discuss a managed service, and know that your I.T. system is being given all the love and maintenance it needs.