Hosted Infrastructure – Cloud Computing

Make your business more dynamic by utilising cloud and only pay for what you use.

Cloud computing is the delivery of applications and information to end users over a network. The network can be public e.g. Internet, or private e.g. WAN. Cm Technology’s cloud, enables access to any application on any device at any time.

Procuring, managing and maintaining an IT system with all the necessary resilience can be a costly exercise. CM Tech’s cloud service allows the business to take advantage of all the redundancies found in enterprise class IT systems, without undergoing regular hardware refresh cycles and associated migration projects.

CM Technology’s cloud platform runs on enterprise class servers and storage and has no single points of failure. Through server virtualization, servers can be provisioned instantly. Need a test and dev server? We can spin one up for you. When you’re done—shut it down and stop paying for it! So easy.

CM Technology is a Microsoft SPLA, Citrix CSP and Symantec ExSP licensing provider. This means you only pay for software you use under a monthly subscription. Using cloud means I.T resources become a utility, You only pay for what you use.

CM Tech’s cloud services manage all of your backup and data retention requirements.

Reliable cloud services require reliable communications. We can help you determine the amount of bandwidth, provide competitive pricing, and assist you with the application process.

Fixed monthly pricing makes budgeting for I.T easer. I.T. infrastructure costs are now more predictable and are an operating expense. Now you can calculate a monthly expense for your I.T requirements, expand and reduce the resources you need, and use your much needed capital in other ways to grow your business.